Stanford E. Linzey, Jr., D.MIN., D.D., was the founding director of Holy Spirit Evangelism. He served aboard the USS Yorktown as an enlisted sailor in the Battle of Midway in World War II.  When the USS Yorktown was attacked in June 1942, he was one of the survivors. Later, Stanford became the first Assembly of God chaplain to serve in the regular Navy, and also the first to attain the rank of Captain. Having served for seven years as an enlisted sailor and 21 years as a chaplain, he retired in 1974. He served as an evangelist both before and after he retired from the U.S. Navy. The thrust of his evangelistic ministry was on the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Stanford wrote Why I Believe in the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, Pentecost in the Pentagon, USS Yorktown at Midway (formerly titled God Was at Midway), The Holy Spirit in the Third Millennium, and numerous articles and tracts, and was published in many journals. He appeared on Christian television and radio numerous times. He is listed in Who’s Who in Religion, 5,000 Personalities of the World, and International Men of Achievement.

He received a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Theology, and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Southern California Seminary; a Master of Arts degree from American Baptist Seminary of the West; a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary; and he studied at Harvard School of Divinity as a resident graduate.

He was married to television evangelist Verna Linzey, and was a brother-in-law of the late American Evangelist C. Franklin Hall. Stanford passed away on February 4, 2010, leaving a tremendous legacy on the baptism with the Holy Spirit which he and Verna established during nearly 70 years of ministry together in which nearly 20,000 people received the baptism with the Holy Spirit as confirmed by speaking in tongues.

Stan was born October 13, 1920 in Houston, Texas to Stanford Linzey and Eva Fay Westphal Linzey.  He and Verna had ten children: Gena, Janice, Eugene, Darnell, Sharon, George, Vera, Paul, Dave, and Jim.